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Managed Frame Relay

In today's business world, the company most adaptable to change will succeed. Your company, like many others will need to offer its services across the world on a 24 x 24 & 365 x 365 basis. You will have to deploy services where your customers are present, and as such your company's Virtual Private Network (VPN) will need to follow your business requirements.

Managed Frame Relay is a method of gaining wide area networking connectivity by building on the capabilities of Frame Relay technology, while providing fully managed Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) on site. Typically Managed Services specialists will design the most cost-effective VPN to suit a business need. The end user receives a fully managed service in which the service provider installs and manages all CPE. The service provider pro-actively monitors the network and in case of issues, will have called you and in many cases resolved the problem, before the end user has even noticed.