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Channel and Interoperability Partners (North America)

North American Channel Partners

Value Added Reseller - These organizations purchase equipment directly from CTDI or through our distribution channel, combine that equipment with other hardware and/or software, and offer turn-key solutions to end-user customers.

Master Distributor North America - ICS is a stocking distributor that sells to VARs, resellers, and systems integrators within our North American channel structure. ICS has a solid reputation with both vendors and resellers as a high-quality value-added distributor. In 2005, the company was named one of VARBusiness' Top Distributors 2005.

Strategic Channel Partners - These global players specialize in deploying communications equipment to emerging carriers in international markets and/or service providers/telcos in the domestic market including Fortune 100 organizations as well as SMB enterprises. Verilink's (now known as Verso) equipment has been tested and approved to be sold with their network solutions.

Interoperability Partners

Interoperability Partners - These organizations provide network elements or system components based on the latest technologies (VoIP, VoDSL, VoATM) that work with Verilink products to deliver a total solution.

Use of the terms "partner" and "partnership" does not imply a legal partnership relationship between Verso Technologies and/or Verilink Corporation and any other party.