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The XPP 6000/8000/9000 platforms are the most feature rich members of the XPP Complete Access platform family, offering three different chassis configurations to fit almost any need in today's changing communications environment. These platforms provide a cost-effective, upgradeable, server-based system handling not only today's networking needs, but providing an easy migration path to the wide range of evolving service applications. Strict adherence to industry standards provides the user an unprecedented level of investment protection. The XPP 6000/8000/9000 provide a compact solution for users needing reliable access to circuit-based public and private voice and data services, and a trouble-free migration path to emerging technologies, applications and carrier services.


  • Digital cross connect system
  • Easy migration to future network technologies and services
  • ATM, Frame Relay and IP support
  • System redundancy
  • Wide range of analog voice interfaces
  • Wide range of data interfaces
  • Wide range of server cards supporting multiple applications
  • Integral Digital Cross-Connect
  • ISDN PRI and BRI
  • Supports up to 8 T1 WAN interfaces
  • Supports up to 62 analog voice lines
  • Supports up to 80 data interfaces
  • T1 to E1 Conversion
  • XPP 6000 offers a mid size front loading chassis
  • XPP 8000 offers standard front and rear loading
  • XPP 9000 offers the same density as the XPP 8000 in a front loading chassis