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Intelligent Demarcation for Easier Network Management - Intelligent CSU/DSU

Carriers need the ability to monitor and manage compliance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enterprise customers, particularly as they transition to packet-based transmissions. These intelligent CSU/DSUs offer Service Level Management (SLM) services, end-to-end network monitoring, and the greatest degree of application and service monitoring available in the industry today. iMarc solutions enable new services to be deployed faster, existing services to remain reliable, and inactive services to be restored more quickly.

Key benefits include:

  • Cost effective demarcation device with end-to-end QoS for SLA enforcement

  • Reduced Service Turn-up Time

  • Higher Availability and rapid fault isolation

  • Easy Integration into Carrier OSS Process and Systems and Enterprise Management Systems

  • Ubiquitous Access & Application Support

CTDI's iMarc solutions help reduce customers' operational costs through automation, reliability, security and technological sophistication.