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The WANsuite® family represents a full line of access devices ranging from CSU/DSUs to intelligent IADs with integrated routing and sophisticated, multi-tier reporting. Offering many choices in form and function to provide users a solution that fits their applications, some are primarily designed for use as stand-alone customer premises equipment, while others rack-mount for corporate data centers or network operation centers. Adhering to prevailing standards, these products will interoperate with existing units from other manufacturers. With the optional integrated gateway functionality, WANsuite eliminates the need and associated cost and support required for a separate stand-alone router in many applications.

Built on a powerful core architecture, WANsuite is a unique blend of network management features found in expensive software packages packaged with the functionality of WAN monitoring probes, small application routers, SLA management monitoring capabilities, and traditional CSU/DSU termination. Best of all, affordable and able to protect network investments, eliminate technology lockout, and migrate from TDM through new Packet and IP applications.